Quality Blend Performance, a textured feed, is ideal for competition horses. It contains digestible fiber sources and higher fat to meet the demands of the performance horse. 11% protein 10 fat



• Fixed formulas reduce the chance of a

digestive upset.

• Digestible fiber sources and lower levels of sugar and starch for calm behavior.

• Antioxidants—such as: Vitamin E, C, and Selenium—reinforce a healthy immune system as well as reduce the possibility of muscle damage.

• Contains polysaccharide complex trace minerals to improve mineral utilization for excellent hoof health, strong immune function, robust reproductive performance, optimum skeletal development, superlative wound healing, and optimal enzyme activation.

• Increased stress resistance.

• Guaranteed Biotin and Methionine for hoof and hair growth.

• Yeast cultures enhance microbial fermentation in the horse’s cecum and colon

resulting in enhanced nutrient absorption

Sweet 11 is a textured sweet feed designed for the maintenance or  exercising horses.  11 protein 4 fat

Ener-G-Plus Low-Starch Pellet is the “safe” and “cool” equine feed. The high fat and fiber content maintains the energy without the hyperactivity that a high starch diet will produce. Ener-G-Plus Low-Starch Pellet is the ideal choice for any horse—especially those with caloric requirements such as “hard-keepers” and metabolically challenged senior horses.12 protein 10 fat 
Southern Supreme Senior is a feed specifically developed for the senior and geriatric horse. It provides a softer, easier to chew and swallow diet. Our formula can be fed with forage, or it can be used as the sole ration for horses that are unable to eat hay or pasture.  14.5% protein 6% fat
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